19 July 2006

Good Idea

Project Runway is the best tv idea there has been. In a seperate category from Deadwood and Six Feet Under of course. And now it is finally famous. People watch it. There are many media stories about it. There is going to be a villian! (Malan? Jacob Dylanesque guy? Neck tattoo guy? Stylish fancy uber-mom?) It is on dog agility night but we'll work with it.

Of course the new Ranch is a farther drive from all things dog agility, but this is a microscopic price to pay. The drive is a little scarey for a moment during the winding through the dark forest part of it but I think I can work with that. I think we are going to have to get a big dog to go with all the small dogs for walking through the forest. Due to things that can get you in the forest. I am not sure if any of the project runway contestants walk through forests? It is hard to be a fashion designer and live on a ranch. It is a long drive to the fabric store. About 1 hour 45 minutes to San Francisco from our ranch.

But I am not worried! I am too tired to be on project runway. Also I cannot sew so I don't know what I'm worried about. What if there was dog agility for artists project runway? Where you would have to build a dog agility course that looked great out of tin cans , bottles, taxidermy blanks and cement then handle your dog over a Tim Gunn designed Masters Course by 10am the next day in front of judges Susan Garrett, Isaac Mizrahi, Greg Louganis (he does dog agility with Jack Russells and usually wins when I run against him, I am afraid of him because he gave me the stink eye really bad once when Ruby wanted to play with his perfectly sit staying dog) and Alma Garret of Deadwood!

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