18 July 2006

Agility Hot!

We had a practice show on sunday, aka, Fun Match. It was very fun. It was very hot. When it's hot, here's how you do a dog show:

Dogs are in car, in crate, under a fan, with big green mesh tarps draped everywhere over open doors strategically to allow airflow but create shade. Car looks like hobo car, many cars like this look like hobo village.

Dogs stay in hobo village until right before their turn. When you think it's their turn in a few minutes, get dog out, run with dog to baby kiddie pool filled with dirty water and grass clippings. Get dog to jump in there, splash around, run dog to start line. Hope you go right in-if timed correctly yes. If anything not to plan, put dog under a shady canopy until their turn. Run around course fast! Run back to kiddie pool, get wet, eat dog treats (if it is otterpop, play frisbee for a minute in the heat) then walk back to hobo village to get some more dog treats. That's sort of how the day goes.

I never thought I would be the kind of person who owns a portable shade canopy. Mine is red and has a broken leg.

I always thought I would be the kind of person who owned a ranch. Hopefully that comes to fruition in the next few days if we go into contract on The Ranch. aka, very expensive house near the flat field of lovely oak trees and meadow. Wish me luck.

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