29 July 2006

Foal Delivery Service

At work yesterday I had to manage the birth of a foal. It was a colt! This is not something I normally do as a job description but at my current barn that I work out of, it is. Luckily it wasn't that hard because it was an easy birth. The team had to stay up in my office in their crate. They were not invited.

Other events they were not invited to-seeing a sad, old version of the English Beat play at the Boardwalk. It is a different universe down there at night, and only 5 minutes from my house. How did the team protest their lack of invitation? Howling like fiends as we rode our bikes away.

Jon Katz writes about dogs. I just read his book "The Dogs of Bedlam Farm". It's really good, not a typical DOG book. He describes ride-along dogs and working dogs. Timmy is a ride-along dog. He enjoys going places quietly, riding along in the car, walking around nicely on a leash. Being well behaved! He used to teach at Calarts and go to offices with me when I had my horse hiatus as a fancy pants graphic designer. Ruby and Otterpop are not ride along dogs! They stay locked in the crate in the car because they do not sit still. They need to be doing things. Chasing the ball. Tugging on the snowman. Running amuck. Doing the dog agility! it is important to have both kinds of dogs. Ruby enjoys working on rodent extermination, Otterpop I think would enjoy bossing cattle or perhaps donkeys around. She is possibly the tiniest, most chihuahua herding dog available.

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