03 September 2019

2019 USDAA Western Regionals, a few highlights.

Gooey got to watch from under the tent. I usually bring him ringside now and park him with a new friend so he feels included. We came in 2nd, these were the Finals!

oh a heart break one! She pops a pole when I blind. Dunno why, we were a little keyed up because my goal was just to WIN! Oh well.

Um, same thing. I ran to win, it was a hard dogwalk exit for Banksy, one she dislikes to hit on. I tried for some collection, in hindsight probably hurt more than it helped. So her only feet wrong on this whole gorgeous Paco course were the ones that didn't touch the yellow.

Triple whammy tunnel slammy. This was one she won! Not a foot out of place. Note the fancy start line stay. We have those occasionally, if I get to go first.

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Helen said...

Jumpers run was Fantastic!!! Glad we don't have weaves in our Jumpers event in the AAC.