09 May 2019

Weepy weepy weepy.

We are not singing any of those songs anymore. No weeping around here. At least not for stuff like that.

Also, Otterpop doesn't sing anymore. I drew this a while ago.

New song titles we're working on, more EDM beats:

Hey it's not so scary to lay down in front of our corner store while I go buy ice cream at 10pm!

Wow we're brushing out a whole lot of fur during necklace time!

Don't shake Gustavo's bed!

Nobody, NOBODY can get on the couch now, ha HA!
(This one has intricate dance moves involving wrapping the x-pen around the chair while singing)

No more dog beds in the house if yer gonna shake shake shake shake them!
(More disco than EDM)

Furry pants furry pants furry pants furry pants furry pants!

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