04 May 2019

Three Hundred Dollar Electro Magnetic Dog Necklace.

photo by Sarah Hitzman from back in the day like last month when Banksy could do agility.

Banksy visited the fancy canine rehab specialist last week at the fancy pet hospital with Valet Parking. It's located in Silicon Valley. I drove there in a traffic jam. All the cars in the parking lot are clean.

We walked out with a diagnosis of hurt neck, a bunch of exercises, and a $300 electro magnetic dog necklace. Yes. A Three Hundred Dollar Electro Magnetic Dog Necklace. It looks a bit like what you'd wear to a rave, turn on the green flashing lights and off you go.

I don't know. I put it on her. We do the exercises. Her head currently doesn't turn left very well. Her regular vet had said, Neck is Fine. This vet said, Neck isn't Fine. This one is fancier. I like her other one a lot. I liked this vet pretty good. I'm honestly not convinced this is what it is but I'm going with it for now because it's better than no idea.

We'll see. Doing what we were already doing, leash walk, no jumping on the furniture, no running in the house. We had started some off leash walking NOT RUNNING BANKSY, but that had a couple slip ups of short runs, and the limp came back a little bit so we're being vigilant. On the leash. Don't play fun things. Walk, border collie, walk. The exercises are fun tricks for Banksy so we'll do more of those. We go back to the valet parking hospital in three weeks.

And now Banksy owns a really, really, really nice necklace.

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