11 April 2019

Something about April.

April's historically been a hard month.

Two Aprils ago, was the sandwich between Banksy's crash and injury, and Ruby's rapid demise.
Last April, Banksy's stroke and Gustavo's coyote near death experience.

This April would be different! We are having a big adventure of some big events, some travel and some fun! Heading this weekend to Utah for the Rocky Mountain UKI Classic, a road trip with friends to an exciting event of great courses near the Great Salt Lake. Been conditioning to get ready for some Regionals, some classics, some upcoming months of the good stuff kind of agility!

And being April, Banksy came up dead stinking three legged lame Tuesday night.

She's sitting in an x-pen to see if it's going away, with meds on board. No such luck. It happened at agility, but we saw no slip, no fall, no crash, no burn, no twist, no nothing. I thought I saw a funny step walking on to the field, but one of all the steps it takes to get to the field, all right, so much paranoia in my eyes.

We'd had three runs, all quite nice! I walked the course wrong on one, so went back and did that section. Missed a weave pole entry on another, Nancy said, well that was a silly way to run that, try on this side, and I did and it was fabulous. Nice dog walks, nice frames, nice teeters, all the things so nice! Us both running fast! My goal of class was get some confidence of no mistakes and it was going so great!

And walked on the field for the next run, and thought, did I just see that funny step left front? One step out of all of them, no, phew, didn't see nothing there. I'm always on the look out, can't help that. Glad I didn't see what I thought I saw. So I set her out and three jumps with soft right turns and she was off to the races then blammo. Stops dead in her tracks, refuses the tunnel, looks at me like deer in the headlights and her left front leg doesn't work anymore.

At first barely noticeable, I saw it, Nancy saw it, leashed her up and took a walk and checked all her fingers and toes and they were there and seemed ok. She gets so very scared when she's hurt, I had her hang out a bit while we walked another course to unscare her, play with her toy, she just wanted to hide.

And way lamer.

Drove her home. Way lamer.

And now is way lame. Three legged dead stinking kind. I can't find where it is.

No roadtrip, no Classic. She's stuck in the living room x-pen, vet tomorrow.

April's not our month.

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Helen said...

Oh that's too bad. Doubly hard when you don't know where they are injured.