12 April 2019

Silly left front leg.

Old friend teeter just a couple weeks ago.

The good news is that Banksy can put weight on her left front! The bad news is she's still lame on it. She did go to the vet, and the vet's new office and it's slippery floors and different things were much more upsetting than any leg pulling her vet did.

Prognosis is maybe shoulder/biceps maybe somewhere strained, inflamed, somewhat pained. No MRI or ultrasound for now, keep her in the pen, keep shoveling in the meds, keep her from doing anything at all fun. Stay in the x-pen, Banksy!

Banksy is definitely feeling better and this plan totally sucks. She wanted to be on the van to Utah this morning and instead she went to a fancy new hospital with slippery floors, at least her old friend dr. Tammy was there waiting for her.

So same old Banksy story, weird injury, not sure, don't bring her back to early, keep her quiet, keep her resting, let it heal, and then back to fun at some later date in the future.

We're used to it. Life goes on.

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