06 March 2019

Things I learned via Sweden.

We have a new friend from Sweden hanging out in town right now, she gave me a lesson the other day. Some more international learnings for us!

The first thing she asked me was why does Banksy not like tunnels and sometimes run slow? These questions made my eyes but out with wonder as I think of Banksy as loving tunnels so much that I've been working for two years to teach her to not always take them, and I thought that she runs very fast! Just not as fast as four other dogs we compete against.

I told her that. She just looked at me and said, "Hmm. She doesn't seem that fast."

Game on.

Some things we learned:

Banksy does not like spins. Me either.

Try to get the blind.

Drive in to the tunnel a bit more. Ha HA! Who woulda thunk this?

Leave earlier and run faster. Make sure Banksy runs faster, so that she runs faster than those four other dogs.

I can in-in-in the other way if I tap-tap-tap it.

Try to get the blind.

Throw the toy, not so much come to hand. Whereas via Slovenia, so much, SO MUCH working on come to hand not throwing the toy. Apparently it worked, see the running faster issue.

Try to get the blind.

Push-push-push should have straight facing shoulders not turning ones.

Try to get the blind.

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