18 March 2019

Santa Rosa March USDAA

Steeplechase! Always Banksy's favorite.

Gooey ran Steeplechase too! Drive-by weave poles, drive-by broad jump, drive-by second to the last jump. Amazing fast running and one thousand percent enthusiasm, when he found out he was having a turn, holy smokes did he turn on the fire and run to that ring. Gooey was the happiest Gooey, and I am going to try and get him more turns sometimes. Drive-bys are perfectly fine if that's what he wants to do.

Also many things in gamblers for Banksy with a very beautiful stopped teeter totter in the gamble! Also a Grand Prix run with some miscommunications, at the second wide turn I decided to fix-and-go to declare moratorium on the wide turn. I almost didn't run this, the dirt felt hard and rocky. I had visions of Banksy landing on a rock, and I was hearing a thud each time she landed off a jump, paranoia isn't a good way to run. So instead of staying for the rest of the day, we drove the pretty way home and stopped at the beach halfway there.

Otterpop hated the beach. The pretty way home is the long way home, extra long because the whole Bay Area decided to head over to the mountain in the sun to the beach. So many cars slowly following each other over the mountain, so may cars at the beach. Like Christmas parking at the mall.

Otterpop can never go off her leash ever, especially at the beach, she has crazy dementia and zero hearing and while sometimes she follows along, other times she looks at the air and bolts in unpredictable directions. So she tottered along the beach a bit, blinking in the sun, sometimes I carried her.

Otterpop sometimes has a happy life, a lot of times she doesn't. She wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to run around the living room at top speeds bashing into things. She hates stairs and flings herself off furniture. She hates most walks and when she hates a walk she tries to bolt and flings herself against the leash. She doesn't take many walks now, but she hates being left alone. She hates riding in the orange dog car. She hates trying to walk on days her back legs don't work right. She hates food in puzzle toys. She hates sleeping at night. She hated walking around the park grounds where the dog show was. She hates a lot of things.

She does like sleeping on the couch with me sitting next to her! And eating food in a bowl sitting in a dog bed. And going to our regular park when the sun isn't bright or when it's not raining. I think that's it. So we try to do those things as much as we can.

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Helen said...

We like Steeplechase too. Great run !!!