22 December 2018

Shortest day, then the next day.

It was the shortest day yesterday, but I ditched out at work just before the sun went down and the dogs ran at the park while the almost full moon went up on one side, the sun went down into red and gold on the other, and we remembered that the days get longer starting now. It's tiny progress towards the sun but a progress nonetheless.

Otterpop marked the solstice by teaching us both that she doesn't want to be sedated when she has a night time dementia freakout. Maybe there's better drugs for her. She woke up at 3am from the Xanax that her vet had her try, and went full blown manic for a couple hours, running full steam and flipping out if captured and contained. We might not try that again.

Banksy played with her ball. Gustavo did his thing. We went to a party, the dogs slept. Christmas is coming, a few days off in a row, maybe not too much fun for the dogs though, a lot of busy and a lot of dog containing. Everyone will survive.

Happy Holidays to all.

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