02 December 2018

Santa Rosa USDAA in December.

This is a giant lemon trailer. It was so lemony!

There were 100% zero start lines this weekend. This affected things!

Second in Steeplechase, starting on a collection turn equals some time. Very nice fast run, very just ok time for Banksy. Because of the start, as I was hustling and her lines were spot on. Drat. Enough speed to come in second, enough to get some cash, but those precious seconds count!

Grand Prix, I did a fix and go. Because I caused a spin at the tunnel, which was an easy thing and the third thing but because of how I started, a spin, and I CANNOT HAVE A SPIN! I guess it wouldn't have been a refusal and I could have gone on for a Q, but I hate spins and can have but no spins due to my late and confusing information. So I stopped fixed and go'ed and we had a beautiful, flawless run for an E. Much happier for me and Banksy too. She doesn't know I just E'ed her, she just knows I ran her good after that.

Standard, not always my favorite because of the stupid table. A beautiful run with a weirdly fast table, I think because we arrived there together and she did the table like we do in practice. Amazing! And a tunnel for a start line to a dog walk, best way to start a course EVER! And then something went wrong on the timer, as I know we should have had a much, much faster time than was recorded. Such is life. The timer gods giveth and they taketh away. Banksy and I know it was a really good, really fast run.

Pairs. Very nice! Very rear crossy since not even attempting a start line now. Partner messed up. Pairs is short and dumb but we're there, might as well do it. I just sign up as a draw now and go with the flow.

Snooker. Disaster! Bail out! I should know by now, to not wait for last class of the day when far away, and I am so tired. Banksy isn't, but I am, and I know I want to be in the car driving home. And I made a poor choice with my very bold fast running plan and then a snowball effect of trying to save the shit storm till we just bailed out when Banksy said, I'll take this yellow jump over here, if that helps. Out we go.

Otterpop came with us and thrashed around in her crate every traffic jam. She didn't really enjoy nice walks around the Santa Rosa fairgrounds, which the rest of us enjoy. She currently decides lets get up at 2am! And if I try to lock her out of the bedroom due to my love of sleeping at 2am, runs around the house and howls. Poor Otterpop. She didn't want to sit on the lemon with Banksy, just run in circles on her leash while I stood still taking Banksy's photo. Gooey stayed home and ate pancakes.

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