03 September 2018

USDAA Western Regional, Finals.

First round of the Grand Prix, Third Place

The second round didn't go so good. Banksy broke her startline, we took off like rockets, she hit a bar on the double, I thought I kept it together but did make a last minute decision about handling the jump after her dog walk. My hat flew off while I was thinking this so my brain must have been exploding so instead of showing decel I showed EXPLODE and she did then it got back on track until I couldn't find the red jump just past the teeter and I tottered around out there looking for it while Banksy jumped something the wrong way. Trippy!

Nothing like the occurrence of a shit storm in front of an audience!

Steeplechase Finals

This went super! I planned a broken start, almost didn't get her leash tossed away, zoom zoom zoom off we went starting with a rear cross and an extra unplanned off the cuff rear off the frame! She was fast! Best of all we got to go on the podium with our besties Channan and Kirk, they always beat us so we are always happy just to have a time anywhere near them! Also Anita and Veuve, we also can't beat those two. Super fun finals, even with the shit storm of Grand Prix.

Banksy got scared of the flapping tent behind the podium so that was as close as she'd go. Nosirree, not on that box, even next to Kirk! Sometimes that happens to Banksy, she's cool.

OK, edit. I just looked at the results. In the 2 classes she won, Banksy had the fastest time of all the dogs, all the heights in the whole regional. One was Biathlon Standard, Kirk had a faster time, but she had a bar. We are always happy to have Kirk beat us. Also the fastest time of all the dogs, all the heights, in Team Standard. Banksy's steeplechase podium group also had the fastest time of all the dogs, all the heights. With Kirk and Veuve less than a second faster, and they are really, really fast! Also her first round of Grand Prix group the fastest times of all the dogs, all the heights.

Banksy is amazing. And right now, having a nap.

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