02 September 2018

USDAA Bay Team Western Regional, days 1 and 2.

Team Might Get Hairy. No team Q, due to all 3 of us very democratically E'ed in Team Jumpers. Banksy won Team Standard, came in 4th in Team Snooker, would have been 2nd in Team Gamblers if I had checked her scribe sheet (oops), and bonus E with a classic mistake of drifting too fast across the jump sending to a backside in Relay! But it was no big deal, had a super fun time teaming with Holly and Dianne and didn't need a team Q for any special reason.

Banksy is running amazing. From 2 weeks ago thinking she would have to be scratched to this! She won Biathalon Standard, came in 3rd in the first round of Steeplechase, 3rd in first round of Grand Prix, and overall has had awesome runs with some handler errors mucking her up here and there. An E took us out of Biathalon but the E'less part was awesome and fast. Lots of points in team gamblers and snookers, many startlines, just all in all awesome running from Banksy, I couldn't be more proud of her.

One more day tomorrow for the finals, can't wait! Thanks Banksy and thanks Team Might Get Hairy!

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