15 July 2018

SMART July Prunedale USDAA.

The good news is that I decided Banksy could run in a trial!

Really no bad news. Maybe a little lite on Q's, because of bars, bars, bars mostly.

One full on brain explosion in Steeplechase, the run I most looked forward to. Banksy's brain, not mine. I just excused her from the ring after the barsplosion.

All dog walk hits beautiful! All teeters stopped, except for Grand Prix where I let her GO! One crazy aframe. One bad slip in a damp tunnel! One off course by me! One stupid gambler rule brainsplosion in our perfect gamble. One perfect start line! A couple so so start lines. A number of terrible start lines!

I can't pull Banksy out for breaking her start. Life is too short.

What do all these runs have in common? A bar! And we're rusty. But I still liked them. Banksy is amazing.

Grand Prix


Biathalon Jumpers

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