30 June 2018

Did I just see that? Yep, I did.

We were all set for a trial this weekend! Team with friends! One of my favorite judges! Biathlon, our favorite! Running some titling classes for no good reason other than some running! I am bringing the ice!

Had a little practice Thursday, before I taught the classes, I was running hard to get to a backside off the rdw, hear the usual run/run from Banksy behind me which usually sounds like this, run/run/run/run/run and I look for yellow on the fourth run. All I heard was run/run and I kept running except then I quick stopped and turned around when I missed hearing the next run/run and there was Banksy, on the grass running instead of on the plank running.

She put herself back up on, she was off but now she was on and ready to try again. Let's go!

But the point being, for some reason she slipped and fell or bailed off the dog walk as she got to the top plank. A thing she's never done except once when we practiced on a dog walk that had a slope by mistake and she felt the slope and bailed. Other than that she's never slipped off in all this time.

She was fine, we fixed the sequence, she got her toy, victory.

A thing to note. When Banksy runs across the dog walk, there is no other speed than the fastest speed, unless it's a four stride hit and then it's even faster. So the terror of her ever coming off is that she's flying off with the momentum of a rocket crashing back to earth.  Physics, useful for dog agility.

So she had a rest while I set up some things, and she came out to show the first class something, I forget what. And when she came out of her x-pen I thought for a second I saw some funny steps then I didn't. So I thought, that was weird, did I see that?

But she looked great so I figured it was just crazy mind.

If you have horses and dogs, you know that. Did I just see that?

If you've had horses and dogs forever and see them move all day, you know better than to ask, Did I just see that?

Because you did.

But it goes away so you think, did I just see that?

She came out again, for How To Do A Rear Cross lesson. A thing that after all these years, I finally feel qualified to teach. I can do these now. And she came out and same thing, did I just see that?

A student said, oh, she's got a leaf on her foot.

He tried to grab it. I saw no leaf. And then she looked fine and we did a tunnel jump tunnel, of how to do a rear. Did it a couple times. Cross her path. Pick up your left arm. Show them the line in front. All the things.

And she got in her x-pen. And I brought her out while we were walking the course for the next class.

Oh yeah. I did just see that.

So two days in. Rest and rimadyls. Just stay put Banksy. Bailed off my team, I am now the person to not sign up to team with because second time I've scratched and left a team stranded to find a replacement.

I can't tell where it is. Somewhere. Seemed like her wrist, now it seems like I'm not sure. It does seem better with rest and rimadyl, not a limp so much now as a little hitch at the trot, so not to panic, just a little thing, hopefully just something strained, but no running no playing no fun just resting, until there's no question, there's nothing to wonder if I did or didn't see it.

Happy nap weekend, Banksy.

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