26 February 2018

Burn patch.

We clomped through the burn ash to stand them on the stump. The tractors go through now, clearing more space. Not for the buildings, those will be later. But just to clear paths for the inevitable fires that will want to come through. Maybe not this year, maybe not next, but one year it's going to rip through here so they come in to rake out defensible space. That is our woods, they shrink some more every single day.

In about ten days we get in the car to drive to Arizona. It was a whim. A third Grand Prix bye for the year put it in my head, why not try for another Regional? I've already been planning to go to Camarillo in April, that was already a big deal. Days of work! Motel 6! But why not add another? A quick twelve hour dash down there in the car. To stay at a Motel 6 for three nights. I'm bringing a cooler and my own coffee setup and a large bag of fruit.

Things maybe they don't have in Arizona? Bananas? Apples?  Not taking any chances.

As adventures go, in the grand scheme of adventuring, this one is pretty mild. I'll get my oil changed first and bring plentiful bedding. A polar exploration or climbing of Machu Pichu it isn't. By any stretch. No monkeys, no rain forest. Just a lot of dogs in the car and waiting for runs under hopefully sunny but not sweltering skies.

Adventure? Maybe not. Maybe only a little. Really small holding my fingers apart less than a centimeter little. But it's a thing we've never done and Banksy's ready to do it, so off we'll go and have some runs. Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

good luck from canada where we still have three feet of snow and never take the bananas and apple for granted.