25 February 2018

Record setting lows.

This is what my new outfit is:

Long sleeve shirt
Fleece Vest, that has only one pocket now.
Flannel shirt jacket with puffy lining, that's a bit tight round the bottom.
Puffy warm jacket that now strains across the seams.
Biggest, heaviest goretexest rain coat.

That's the garment for the walk, and at work. Yes, I do look puffy.

It's a fine thing to be post recession. I had added jobs during the downturn, I teach more agility classes now, write a monthly magazine article, illustrate things for other people, freelance portraits and other designy things. And work full time at the barn. Full time plus, a lot of hours now to keep it all ticking. So it's a seven day week where the balls are really flying around.

I liked my hobby of watching the skating at night. Liked, not loved, really only a little. Mostly I wished to design some costumes, and wished the programs were more like one minute, with a bit more chatting of the behind the scenes between each one. What DO you really do at night, ice dancers? Do you drive a Prius? Do you keep several cats or several dogs? How do you keep your leg warmers from bunching down around the laces at inopportune times?

Mostly a good excuse to just sit there and wait for the next day where it's out the door in all the things from the closet, a fast trip through the woods, then to start it all again.

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