19 February 2018

Banksy Turlock USDAA

We entered last minute. It's been a bit agility lite around here, so I thought to just go do a few runs at Turlock. I like to support Turlock! We see cows and blooming fruit trees on our drive there, and pass over a misty bird swamp on the way. And a windmill.

My only goal was to try to get out of the car and run my first course just like how I walked it. That's always hard. Aside from one out of place and a wide turn, we did pretty good and Banksy won Jumpers.

I was uninspired by snooker until my best agility pal threw down 4 sevens. That was all it took. As soon as I latched on to the 4 sevens, we realized it didn't look altogether possible. She switched to a 6. I held on to the promise of fast running to make the sevens. And she was running after me so could readjust if I ran clean. Her dog is faster and she handles better, but a good challenge gives me a reason to try hard!

I tried hard! I didn't go clean! A breathtaking off course while I was running my fastest to get up there. But it was more fun than going out and just trying to knock out a Q. She won with the replacement 6. Which was hard enough to get through. I wished I had gotten further just to see if I could have done it.

We ran Grand Prix and got another bye, so maybe a third regional for us. We'll see. I could decide tonite to drive to Arizona next month for their regional, that would be a whole new thing, and a really expensive and time consuming way to do something new. I'm ready to do somethings new. Not so much for the expensive and time consuming way to do it, but I think right now that might be how it goes. We shall see!


Terry A said...

Love!! And those contacts!

Kelly and Pruli said...

Wow!!!! You are my inspiration Laura! We've been missing your posts!