08 January 2018

Don't break shit.

I was making all these goals for Banksy this year. Maybe try a few more far away shows, bigger shows, travel to more Regionals. With her ADCh all finished, and her qualifications for Nationals nearly done, we can do whatever we want. No dumb gambles. No stupid tall tables in standard. Run pairs with friends and not get stressed out. Maybe try to win more Grand Prix. Get cleaner Q's in Biathalons. Win all the Steeplechases. Embrace my very own snooker plans.

Then I went and broke her weave poles. That'll show me.

1 comment:

Helen said...

So maybe no runs with weaves? My Keltic would be all for that. He's fine in practice but refuses the weave entry at trials, two years after getting out of Starters, we're still in Advanced.