27 November 2017

Happy Dog Moorpark USDAA

photo credit Mia Grant

We tried an experiment, a quick trip after Thankgiving to my family's house in Socal with a dog show on the drive home, stopping in Moorpark for a few runs at Happy Dog. The goal was our other Biathalon Q and a third Grand Prix bye. Maybe a couple titling Qs for Nationals too, we still need 3.

Hmmm. Maybe too lofty goals. Banksy ran great though, me, not so perfect.

Perfect Jumpers with a bar. Not so perfect. I don't know why she hit it, I didn't even see it come down.

Into the tunnel instead of turning tight to the weave poles in Biathalon Jumpers, so an E in the first half rendering the second round a fun run. I watched a lot of dogs do this afterwards, I tried to hold on tight but it wasn't tight enough.

Beautiful Standard with a bar. And then an E because I turned Banksy nice and tight and didn't let her go into the tunnel. Which was a genius idea after biathalon! Except I walked the course wrong and made it much harder than it should have been. Oops. She even laid down on the giant table.

Beautiful perfect Grand Prix! With a hard turn off the dogwalk! Another bye? Nope because at the very end I pushed on her line too hard and wrong side of a jump heading to the ending after the straight tunnel. Oops. That would be an E.

We went home instead of running Biathalon Standard. We had a nice time, it's a nice and easy site just 6 hours from my house if I want to go again. There are palm trees and ocean breezes that blow up the valley. But just an hour and a half from my parents house! So maybe another time.

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