03 January 2017

The ethics are now disbanded, gloves are off, just do it.

They have voted to disband the ethics. Screw it. Dog training, we're done.

From now on, if Banksy finds a box in the bushes full of one thousand rotten sandwiches by the railroad tracks, go for it. Eat them all. Resource guard away. Eat in excess til you heave your insides out your eyeballs, heave them all over the bedclothes.

Gustavo, if you want to run out the crack in the front gate and run away to the neighbor's house looking for the skunk, just do it. Go for it. See ya' later. Was nice knowing you.

Otterpop. Free reign for evil. You want to climb on the footstool and enjoy my dinner? Sample a ravioli and knock over the wineglass? Be my guest. Bite the UPS guy? Have at it. Bark at the asshat aussie that walks by every single morning and will probably be released by their ethics committee anyway to tear your throat out next time it sees you on the corner? There you go. Your swamp is drained and you can be the alligator lurking in the mud, springing out with wild glee to do your damage. Enjoy and win it all.

Ruby will abide. She's asleep on her chair. I will carry her down the stairs again before I leave the house. She squats, she pees, and I carry her back up. Good morning, and good night.

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Jenn said...

But wait, wait... they take it all back. Just testing the waters. Damn that water is COLD.