03 November 2016

Your Official USDAA Dog Agility Guide to Cynosports, getting ready to go!

Got yer spreadsheet, yet?

Here's a thing about Cynosports, it is a big confusing maze of confusion. There are a lot of rings, a lot of things to do on time. On TIME! You don't be late, you don't forget, you be on time, you be prepared.

There are things you do, like be there to walk the course at VERY, VERY EARLY O'CLOCK!

There are things in emails, things posted places. If you are like me, you cannot see the things! They are too confusing. So you make a spreadsheet.

Easy Peasy Spreadsheet Directions:

First of all, I got this idea from my friend Channan's google spreadsheet. It lives in the internet. I am confused by things that live in the internet! It's weird when Siri is splaining to me and I can't see it on paper.

That's right. I am a tree killer for dog agility.

So here's how you can make a spreadsheet too, tree killers.

1. Fold your paper in half.

2. One half is WALK TIMES, one half is RUN TIMES.

The walk times side is going to be early! You will always walk in one ring then in one minute have to be in the ring way over there! Ha ha ha, and hopefully the Starbucks is open on your way there to REALLY EARLY!

I know where the Starbucks is on the way to the dog show already. From our house. With a pool. That's right. We are staying in a house with a pool!

3. Locate your Starbucks on the way to the dog show. This is BACK UP COFFEE. Make sure that you can make coffee where you're staying. Did I mention house, with pool? Probably various ways to make coffee there.

4. Know all the ways you can make your coffee. Have at least 2 backups. Do they promise coffee machine? Don't believe them. Bring a drip thing.

5. The other side of your paper, it's the run times.

You will probably be in a different group than your friends! So they will be walking and running at different times than you! Sorry about that! Buck up, agility pal.

6. Write the times on your spreadsheet. Find some colorful pens. Draw boxes around them.

7. DO NOT LOSE THIS PAPER. It will self destruct if you spill coffee on it or lose it in all the other places you lose stuff.


Anonymous said...

good luck! have fun. Banksy looks like she is ready to be on time. :)

Jerry said...

What are your run times? Any of them likely to be on the live stream? We will be cheering for you!

team small dog said...

It looks like the only time I'm running in ring 1 (where I think the livestream would be) would be friday afternoon after 1pm for steeplechase semi-finals...the rest of the time we're spread all over the place in the other rings.