04 November 2016

How to play ball, a useful guide by yer pal, Otterpop.

Start with a border collie. They are very, very easy dogs to get to play ball. Pretty much, just think about a ball, and the border collie will start the whole BALL BALL BALL BALL BALL BALL thing. Easy peasy.

Go bother the border collie. Bark in it's face. Run around it. Bite it. Just really be a shit monkey asshat to the border collie. This is an important strategic move.

Someone should throw the ball. Basically the only thing humans are useful for. Also opening cans.

The border collie will get the ball. This is a fact of life, if it's a close one, just realize the border collie will get the ball and it may not weigh much but the border collie has scary inertia like a submarine missile so just let it get the ball.

Don't worry, you will still get the ball.

Go watch the ball carefully. Here is where you use the power of your mind. Border collie minds are weird. They are NOT POWERFUL. You know who has a powerful mind? Otterpop does. That's for sure.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Works every time. Repeat the process as needed, until you find some garbage or something.

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