09 August 2016

Team Small Dog visits the Olympic Swim Center, the one with the ultra chlorinated non contaminated water.

The rumors are flying in the synchronized diving world. Are Ruby and Gustavo sister and brother? Married? Just good friends? Is it true Gustavo's gay? Does that make him a better diver? Ruby's extension looks a bit early, unless it's Gustavo's toe curl that happened a bit late.

Otterpop wanted to dive into the big pool. She wanted the middle lane and that's what she got.

Well, this is really going to freak out Banksy when she hits the water. Currently, she's afraid of swimming from taking a swim in her BFFreneny's Kirk's pool where she couldn't touch. The horror. Even the creek's contaminated right now, it's been only shallow end for her, so I except this dive to be her last. Let's hope for gold.

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