20 July 2016

Team Small Dog Visits the Republican National Convention, Beep Beep Beep.

In hindsight, bringing 16 year old Ruby along on this trip was just too much for her. She used to enjoy such things, now I think I'll let her sleep in the hotel room for the rest of our visit to Cleveland.

Ruby can't hear, or really see all that well. But I do think she would have enjoyed meeting up with Tiffany Trump. She's the daughter of Marla, one of the Trump wives from the '90's. It's cool to have so many kids running around up there, giving speeches about their dad.

Tiffany seems nice. Girl power.

Ruby did notice though, that it wasn't very girl powery in general though, yesterday.

Sort of more like a witch hunt.

Ruby's afraid of witches. And flies. Actually, Ruby thinks flies are witches. Ruby's somewhat fond of Hilary, all girl power, cool first time event of a woman running for president. She doesn't run away to hide outside when she sees Hilary, like she does for fly witches. But Hilary's never been to our house, so I can't completely verify this fact.

The Hilary witch hunt though, is sort of like the Salem ones, so we hope they don't capture her and burn her at the stake for the Big Wednesday Night event. We'll check the schedule before we go in tonight, just to be sure.

They were giving away free Trump hats, so I got one for all the dogs so they would blend. Most of them are black and I have to say, everything's very white once we're inside the stadium. I didn't see that yellow bird until I took a photo of them at the park when we took a break. I think he's the bird from Tiffany's song. The one she premiered on Oprah when she was in high school? The dogs like that song pretty good. There's a part where it goes "baby, you go beep beep beep."

When we sing it, Banksy likes to back up. Sort of like she's dancing along with Tiffany! Girl power!

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