05 February 2016

Some days and nights up in Boonville.

Spent some days and nights up in Boonville.

The big thing there is to go for a walk. Some of the walks are for Ruby. She's been there so many times, she can get to the pond and back with no ears and not so much eyes.

Some of the walks are for Not Ruby. Like when we walk to the very top of the hills, further up than you can see, then walk all the way back down. This takes a long time, and is a lot of miles. I don't know how many. Enough so your legs are sore by the end.

But just going to the pond's cool too.

Because everybody can go.

Off in the hills though, this is a place for border collies. So much running, so much wild, so much only the hills and trees and sky.

So much.

Land can be dangerous. We found out when we were there, some friends of mine had a dog eat a poisonous mushroom under the oak trees there last year, and died. We didn't know. I'm already kind of a freak about mushrooms, same as snakes. When we see them walking around, I call them danger. But a scary thing to think about, just one bite, and dead.

We had a day of 3 legged Gustavo, miserable he with the giant swelled up foot. You can't just rush to the vet there. No vet but for a long time in the car. I gave him time for me to decide, snake bite, broken, or something else. We lucked out on the something else and 4 legged by the evening. Luckily not everything there is dangerous.

A lot of going to the hard entrance on a-poles. But reinvented as a drinking game. Boonville beer for brunch, and Boonville wine for dinner. A lot of weave poles worked on, I think her entrances and style are improved.

And at the end of the day, this. We wish this was our all of the time life. But only for specials. Maybe someday.

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