31 January 2016

Pirate property.

Pirate property.

This is the face I see on a rainy day when I leave for work and the dogs hardly did nothing very good. Watching out the window, wishing for a forest or a beach or a trip up to the agilities. There's some nice things to see on our street, neighbors take their dog for a stroll or the guys with giant bags of cans ride by on their bikes, rain or shine. Meager entertainment, but better than nothing.

A lot of rainy days are waiting for the sun again. And fighting mud. Four dogs and sixteen paws is a lot of mud and wet and it's in my house and I can't get it out because the rain's starting again. Four of the paws belong to Banksy who no likes to have human hands that are my personal hands touch the paws and this is just such a pain in the ass, Banksy.

We're actually happy for this fact, the fact of the mud not the paw horrors, because, the drought. See the smile? We look for places to go that are novel and new. And not so muddy.

We visit our old haunts for on the fly agilities.

On the fly, due to the pirate properties. Not everybody cares about dogs and muddy feet and there are so many places that don't want the dogs there anymore. It was stealth before, now it's super high level security clearance secret agent Maxwell Smart stealth. We did have to make a run for it last week, at the soccer field where we practice sheepherding with the soccer goals and the old baseball backstop and 3 little black sheep. The cop got the lady with the lab and two little dogs first, while I snapped on leashes and we ran our fastest and made a clean get away.

Sorry, lady with the lab. Pirate property, indeed. We're running out of spots for our dogs here. Keep one eye over your shoulder on lookout, ahoy.

The forest dries out, and when it doesn't, we go some, tromping through the mud holes and up and down the slippery mud slopes. That's a lot of feet to hose off in the driveway.

The little house across the street got bought and remodeled. Even smaller than ours, only 500 square feet. With not even a speck of yard or garage. Paid almost three times what we paid for our house way back when, computer people from the city bought it because they always wanted a little cottage. They come and visit it every now and again. Don't have any dogs, but sure do have nice cars.

Pirate property. Even the pirates feel the squeeze. Maybe our schooner carries us away next time the tidal surge comes in. Carries us away to some green grass and some open land. Maybe, we'll see.


Agility Foot said...

So much open space and no where to run dogs. It's a shame. What about the beach near Swanton rd in Davenport? Near the abalone ranch. I use to run my dog there. It's a drive, but worth it.

team small dog said...

Yes, we do have beaches and forests all a short drive. But i live in a section of town where we had so many places to walk our dogs that each year, go away one by one.