10 January 2016

Saturday USDAA in Morgan Hill, in the covered arena.

The milita men are parked in the bird refuge, and Sean Penn found El Chapo in the Mexican jungle. California's still in danger of becoming a dried out old sand dune, and we're at the dog show.

I got one of those armband step counters for Christmas. It's like a little plastic bracelet with a faux padded Chanel print hiding the robots inside. I don't wear it much but I wore it at the dog show. Twelve miles of walking, over thirty thousand steps. Back and forth the the car, back and forth hauling trash to the dumpster, back and forth from one ring to the other.

Banksy ran in it all. Masters Challenge Standard (wrong end of the tunnel), Grand Prix (back up onto the dogwalk and a missed pole entrance), Steeplechase (yikes a scary blind cross and very hard aframe turns resulting in a drive-by) and Starters and Advanced (many Qs. Phew, to be back in that ring).

Except for the very hard Steeplechase (panic panic panic panic) so many good parts just held together with some handling errors. Banksy is amazing. All hits on her dogwalks, some of them not very beautiful but there were some very had entrances and exits, a big deal for us in RDWland. It's a privilege for me to have a Banksy, and I have some work to do to step up to her level.

You know who else is amazing? Gustavo. Holy smokes. He was so happy to get some turns and tried his best and ran as fast as he could. Back to his winning Masters Jumpers self and a Steeplechase Q (yikes there was a scary something in the poles but I asked him to try again and be brave and he said LET'S DO IT!) and a beautiful Grand Prix except for the same missed pole entrance as Banksy.

That was a lot of running for the little guy. To see how excited he is to get some turns, that makes me very happy. Banksy too, the most runs she's ever done in a day and every time she wants just to go in and do some more! She used pretty good manners all day, too. She's getting how this works. Everybody slept in the car in the mist all day. Except me.

Sunday is an extra coffee day. And off we go.


Terry A said...

THRILLED for the little girly. Great job, Laura. Potential for awesomeness already being realized!

team small dog said...

Just sayin Mary. You were right. xox L