10 January 2016

Day 2, Morgan Hill USDAA.

Well, we ended up the weekend still in Starters Standard. One issue one day, a different the other. And we had a bobble in MC Jumpers, thingies happened here and there. Banksy gets many, many gamblers points though, and has mostly very good parts of every single run. She missed just one dogwalk, two pole entries, and lowered herself to the table on Sunday this fast.

T.....h.........i.........s.....................f......a...s ...............t....

Which was endlessly slow, channeling the spirit of our dear old friend Hobbes. Oh my. Can I invent a running table?

So, lots and lots of things to practice. We have a long ways to go. I think we have time. We both just want to go go go!

Banksy really, really likes agility, and really, really likes running in trials! She is figuring out manners are part of the whole deal. But still, a long way to go.

Gooey won $50 in Steeplechase and was so excited to do his runs because a piece of cheese at the end! Yay! Hamster noises! The way I run Gooey now is just get ahead and run as fast as I can and this is now his thing. Me in front, yay! Me behind, nope. I think he would like to just do Steeplechase and Jumpers, so I think that's what we'll do. He got a bite of strawberry yogurt after Jumpers for a special treat! He took some walks! Yay!

There is so much me and Banksy have to figure out. I think actually she has it all figured out and I need to figure out how to guide her a little bit more. I don't think I could have ever found a better teammate for me.


Anonymous said...

Getting lots of Gamblers points can be a lot of fun. Sooty (my first agility dog that Otterpop reminds me of so much) wound up in USDAA Year End Top Ten one year, but didn't have a single Q to her name. I was almost embarrassed to accept the award at Nationals but not enough to turn it down. That was also the same year Darlene Woz learned to assign more than 10 points to a Gamble. Elizabeth Blanchard's Sheltie was 1st place, Sooty in 2nd and the only dog to earn the Q was the 3rd place dog. Felt sort of bad about that one. Go Bansky!

Kelly and Pruli said...

You and Banksy look perfect together! How come if Susan G and Swagger do a "running teeter" everyone swoons and if you and B do it you get called??? (Well that's what it looked like from my couch anyway!). The RDW with the right tunnel entrance took my breath away- SO AWESOME!!! You are running so fast!!!!

team small dog said...

Thanks! Yeah, that teeter call was weird. I saw it and it looked like an ok teeter, that last Starters Standard Q, harder to get than I thought!