15 December 2015

Tis the season.

Twas the week before Christmas, but it seems closer than that. Days when you count in Christmas time tick tock by in more of a panicked pace than leisurely with Dickens dressed people caroling during brunch. Nobody can get out and buy a Dickens suit, they're all in the car in front of me. There are crazy golf carts and vans driving around my neighborhood, either they're the ones stealing the packages off front porches or they're dropping them off. Can't even tell anymore. We're watching out our window to see if the drones start flinging Amazon boxes out of the sky soon, into the sickly branches of our dead maple tree.

We have exactly zero Christmas decorations up at home. I can't even find anything from under stacks of things that I'm not even sure what they are. Somewhere in the hoarder nests in my garage are boxes of Christmas past. The vintage elves will enjoy another year slumbering away with the rats. If I am drawing your dog, you will get it, though, by god. Thank dog for drawings this year, they'll fund Christmas and it's gifts. And running dogwalk class.

Oh yeah, we're back on that crazy train. Driving up to my friend Kathleen's field on the mornings with no rain to video a couple handfuls worth of Banksy's running dogwalks. RDW in secret running dogwalk code. Here is where it's a blessing that the horse business has kind of gone in the shitter this year. Working limited hours is a great thing for running dogwalks, at least. I gotta run way more fast though, there's a lot of holiday cheer cupcakes and enchilada filling collecting on my ass right now.

Is that enough ho ho ho? Most of the time I have a lot to be holly jolly about. Many friends and family who are buying things like shirts and drawings to help keep us solvent this year. Gary still has a job. Time to spend with my dogs, even when that holiday countdown clock is going, I get us up to the forest. My horses are dry and warm and I have a handful of loyal customers. I got a Christmas parcel in the mail the other day and it has sparkly wrapping paper and is tied up with string. The coyote that's been stalking us at the pond hasn't eaten any little dogs yet.

Hey, I know, since it's the holidays, let's end with some advertising!

Buy a Don't Freak Out shirt! I still got 'em!

Nothing says Merry Christmas like stickers!

Hows about a nice custom dog portrait!

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