16 December 2015

From back when Otterpop was in the mafia.

I wish Otterpop could still do agility. Otterpop is really, really hinky and the less things involving jumping, the less awful she looks when she runs. She barely gets to run, even. A fun training session for Otterpop these days is working on her fabulous tricks known as Not Barking While Laying Down in a Stay. Something I apparently never trained.

Tamar Fuller, who runs a little dog in Southern California, wrote this article about the Small Dog Mafia, a group of ace gambling little dogs up here. Otterpop never loved trialing, but she loved being in the mafia. We had a fierce competition of who would get #1 in the USDAA little dog Top Ten one year.

Who won it? Yep. Otterpop. Sometimes I set her little gambles just to see if she's still got it.

She does.

Small Dog Mafia Part 1

Small Dog Mafia Part 2

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