17 December 2015

Dogwalks on the brain, all dogwalks, all the time.

I live in Santa Cruz. It's by the beach. We have palm trees and lighthouses. We do have some mountains, but they're the low kind. I can walk all the way to the top with the dogs. I think. There's always another top. But they're not the kind with snow. Redwood trees don't do snow.

See what my car says as I'm driving up the mountain? 28 F. That is a snow number. Way below freezing. Twenties! A whole new weather.

Ice, snow, I know they're different but they're cold. But since I'm on the crazy train right now called Running Dog Walk, I don't care. I am going up the mountain to practice at Kathleen's and I know there's gonna be ice there. We need some repetitions. Pretty much all I care about right now is RDW. Ask me about Christmas shopping. The answer is going to involve RDW. Ask me about work. The answer is going to involve RDW. There's a lot going on right now. Me and Banksy just want to go do some RDW.

What's a little ice? I am not kidding. Genuine ice from 28 degrees Farenheight! I am wearing 3 jackets!

Banksy can't run on the dogwalk if it's icy, that's called skating and would probably mess up her striding. We need five strides! Five five five! Four is no good and besides probably killing her, I'm sure ice would be a four stride dogwalk.

So I made a dogwalk cozy. I rub it all over with the car blanket and get the ice to melt. It's so cold, the ice is pretty stubborn. The blanket is getting sad and cold and the ice just rubs off. I rub and rub and look for sun spots.

She would like to run it in the ice please. She would like to do a lot of things. Not gonna happen til I get some melting. Banksy hails from the midwest. She's from sturdy stock. She runs around in her fur and crunches in the grass.

Brrr. Me and Otterpop like jackets. Nobody else does. We all love dogwalks.

Looks like this. Feet hit in the yellow! All the time! The ice has melted and away we run!


Anonymous said...

winter is just starting. might be worth your while to create a long skinny cover to leave on the dog walk when it's not being used. just take it off when you get there, and it'll be ice-free!

team small dog said...

I could crochet it a cozy!

team small dog said...

BBBBRRRR! Most of rdw class is in very wintery places, but a lot of them have videos indoors. You have the most hardcore snow rdw!!! Banksy would very much have liked to learn rdw in Ohio!