01 November 2015

The factory is open.

The window for holiday portrait ordering is currently open, but it's going to close quick. If you're thinking you need to order any dog portraiture for your beloved ones, do it now because when the window closes, it's closed until after the holidays. I can only keep my bleeding fingered elves chained to their tables for so long. At some point they have to be set free.

Everything you need to know about ordering, find on my website right here. Easy peasiest xmas gifts that you don't have to go shopping for. Who doesn't need one of these?


Lynn Ungar said...

I believe I need this. I believe I need two. But the link doesn't seem to go anywhere and when I go to your website I can see how to order shirts and stickers, which are cool, but no buttons for clicking that you want pictures. Help?

team small dog said...

Oh shoot. I will fix that later. If you go to teamsmalldog.com there is a link for illustration. That will take you to the ordering info for portraits. Laura