30 October 2015

Good morning, agility Banksy.

Agility Banksy wakes up with a smile on her face. Going to go to the agilities today?

We are working hard on all the things. Banksy is very fast! I am not so much. We work on the handling, on Banksy not just selecting the next thing over THERE because I was too slow to specify, over here.

The contacts! There are so many things with the contacts.

The running is good. But I am still sure I want her stopping on the very hard places, which are a lot of them. But we practice so many running, trying to show her feet that it's always just HERE, where to touch the yellow on that run down.

The biggest challenge with the stopped dogwalk is not getting creepies on the downramp. We have off and on success and failure at this.

Her teeter got a big creepy, so we've been practicing goofy fun teeter slamming and a little bit lower teeter. So far success.

Her a-frame! Her hit is high but it's always there. Hmmm.

The hard things, are everything. Handling her beautifully like she deserves, Banksy needs very early information. I try to be like Silvia. We improve in tiny little patches every day we practice, like a tiny rash that spreads up your arm. A tiny bit every day. Til someday we are as excellent as full body, festering, itchy hives!

Photos by the amazing Channan Fosty. Video by the brilliant videographer of running dogwalk slo-mo Laura.

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