24 November 2015

RDW! RF! RDW! RF! RDW! RF! Come and join us!

Perhaps you know my friend Silvia? I've only met her in person once, a few years back when she came to California, all the way from Slovenia, to teach a seminar. Me and Gooey muddled our way through, and had a great time and learned a lot.

I started taking her online classes with Banksy, we started with Foundation Level, which was amazing, and then somehow I found myself teaching a very fast running border collie running contacts with her. To say I'm a little obsessed with running contacts at this point would be like saying I slightly enjoy pie. How about that I set up my work schedule around driving 25 minutes out of my way in order to let Banksy run across the dogwalk 12 or so times, then drive back home 25 minutes and upload my videos in slow motion to see if her feet are hitting the yellow the same as I thought they were when we were both running by as fast as we could, and then go to work. As often as I can?

It's a little weird. We have moderate success with it. I mess Banksy up all the time, though, and have to go back and fix it a lot. Which is why I'm going back in the class. I am not ashamed to admit that I'm repeating the 5th grade. That's just who I am. Banksy is a super star. She just does what I show her. Silvia is very, very patient, uses little happy faces in her emails, and always has really good advice.

Wouldn't you like to come and join us? Because Silvia's starting her class again on December 8. If you want to see what it all looks like, there are only about 40 thousand videos in my youtube,  https://www.youtube.com/user/teamsmalldog/videos. Some people have baby scrapbooks, I have a youtube full of slow motion dog videos. Running dogwalks are about Banksy's favorite thing that exist. If they involve going in a tunnel, even better.

Sign up now on Silvia's website, lolabuland! See you there!


Anonymous said...

is the green strip there to hide the yellow so that she won't jump over it?

team small dog said...

Yeah, that's the simple version. It hides the edge. I have mucked up her running by how I taught her stop so this is helping her find her smooth striding with separated feet down the whole board again. I lower it a little every time I practice until it's gone. Hopefully I don't muck up her rdw again.