10 November 2015

A little sort of adsy thing from yer pals at Clean Run.

A little letter from Clean Run. I am forwarding it here because, wow, agility people, what the hell. It's the only agility magazine, right?  Maybe I let my subscription lapse for a while there, it's true. I already have massive piles of The New Yorker all over my living room. But I remember once when me and Ruby's photo was in there, I don't remember why, now. It was that long ago. It was on an article showing good connection between dog and handler, and I was wearing my favorite red plaid shirt and those weird jeans that had to be rolled up. That was, like, a big deal. These people put out the ONLY magazine about the Thing we're all obsessed with.

Also, I really like the part about the brilliant and funny blogger of myself, who will be writing for them next year. They had me at brilliant.


From Monica Percival, Editor of Clean Run Magazine:

Magazine publishing is a challenging world these days. Advertising dollars are way down and publishing expenses keep climbing. For many years now, we have been absorbing all the increases without raising the price of a subscription. But we have gone past the point of just breaking even and now the printed magazine is losing money each month. To keep producing the printed version of the magazine, we need to get 1,000 new subscribers in the next few months. If we can’t achieve this, then we will have to publish Clean Run in just the digital format.

We’ve done several surveys of both existing and lapsed subscribers in the process of developing content for 2016. One of our challenges every year is providing content relevant to the many different levels of agility competitors. We would like to share with you some of the new additions we’re really excited about. We hope that existing subscribers will be inspired to renew and we hope the rest of you will consider subscribing for the first time or re-subscribing if your subscription has lapsed. And, at the end of this letter, you’ll find a special subscription offer.

In 2016…

We’ll be keeping the very popular Backyard Dogs series going as well as the Power Paws Drills series, although Nancy will be alternating longer drill setups with shorter ones.

We’re bringing back The Construction Zone so we can share some of the great obstacle construction plans developed by all the do-it-yourselfers out there.

One of the most popular agility bloggers out there, Tori Self, will be joining us her “Sense of Self” contributions. And another brilliant and funny blogger, Laura Hartwick of Team Small Dog, will be doing some writing for us.

Kristy Netzer is doing a 12-part series starting in March on how to train incredible distance lead-outs. We have a video of her and some of her students doing lead-outs so you can examples of what she’ll be teaching.

We know that there are many of you out there who aren’t shopping for a Border Collie or planning your next trip to a national event. But that doesn’t mean you aren't looking to put your best foot forward every time you train or compete with your dog. Sandy Rogers’ Survival Guide series is for those of you who are serious enough about your training that you want to see some steady improvement, but who are not living and breathing to tighten every turn and shave off tenths of seconds.

Frankie Joiris & Chris Ott will be sharing tips for raising your next performance puppy.

British behaviorist Tom Mitchell will be answering subscriber’s questions about how to solve their dog’s behavior problems.

Cindy Elliott Deak will be writing a series called The Judge’s Eye that will discuss how and why judges design courses the way they do and how knowing a bit about course design can help handlers identify challenges on course during the walk-through.

These are just some of the regular series. There will be lots of specialized feature articles as well.

A Special Subscription Offer

Until Thanksgiving Day, if you subscribe to the magazine or renew your subscription, you will receive a PDF version of the most popular issue Clean Run has ever published, the Special Focus Issue on Puppies! To take advantage of this offer, first add your subscription or renewal to the shopping cart. When you do this, the website will display the shopping cart page. Notice the box in the bottom left corner for entering a coupon code or a gift certificate number. In the box, type


and then click the Apply button next to the box. The special issue will appear in your cart.

We encourage people to check out our new all-access subscription: http://www.cleanrun.com/index.cfm?category=359. For an additional $10 over the regular subscription price, you get the printed magazine plus the digital edition. And we now have both an iOS app and an Android app so you can read your issues easily on your favorite device.

If you are current subscriber and you wish to add the digital edition for $10, just contact info@cleanrun.com and customer service will be happy to take care of it for you.

To give the perfect holiday gift - http://www.cleanrun.com/index.cfm?category=992

Monica Percival


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