22 September 2015

Gustavo is the winner.

Gustavo is the winner. We go to the beach, he never leaves my sight. We go to the forest, he's the leader and he flits up a squirrel hill and down to the creek but when I call, he's right there. At home, he sits on my lap. Agility demo with sheep and german shepherds and food trucks? No problem. He's who always plays with Banksy, and who loves every kid on my street to pet his soft fur and take for a little walk. He never complains about getting left home. He barks maybe once per week. He sits on the rug and doesn't budge when I make his food until it's his turn.

There are things Gustavo can't do as well as everybody else. Screw that, I don't care. He sleeps on my pillow every single night.

Also, I let him have ice cream from my spoon. You know who else gets ice cream from my spoon? NOBODY ELSE. That's some disgusting shit, letting your dog have ice cream from your spoon.

Only Gustavo.

He will never earn an ADCh. I'd have to run him in pairs for that and Gooey don't have to do pairs. You know what Gooey likes? Steeplechases. Gustavo gets to do all the Steeplechases! And Jumpers! That's his Thing.

Gustavo wasn't supposed to live very long. Guess how old Gustavo is? Which I am doing too because  I have no idea how old he is. My guess is 9 years old. NINE YEARS OLD!

Gustavo is the winner. Hands down.

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Terry A said...

you have dome an AWESOME job of loving him and persisting in ways to deal with his health. both of you are heroes.