20 September 2015

Big dog training fail we shall always remember as the time the ring next door contained the Sheep.

We spent the day doing an agility demo at a fundraiser for the BirchBark Foundation. They raise money to help people who can't afford vet bills on their animals. Gustavo's liver doctor started this organization, so we were so happy we could help out.

Otterpop was kind of whatever about it all, but when I pulled out her frisbee and she got to do a little bit of agility, she was all, WOW because she never gets to do any agility ever at all. Gooey was a good boy, he was happy to be at a Festival! Festival with Agility! And food trucks!

There was iced coffee at the food trucks! Not a bad way to spend the day.

Banksy had a little problem helping out. A big problem, actually. A tremendous problem, to be honestly truthful. There were all kinds of demonstrations happening, cop dogs, search and rescue, canine freestyle, and, ha ha ha ha ha. Wait for it.

Sheep Herding.

Yes, the herding demo was held in the ring exactly adjacent to agility, and turns out, Huge Gigantic, Biggest Ever Dog Training Fail on my part. Banksy was able to do a little agility. Until she couldn't and I spent a lot of time dragging her around on her leash because she could not stop staring at the sheep. At least she was willing to lie down to stare at them, so that was sort of a plus.

But if we ever have agility on a sheep farm with sheep outside the ring and border collies moving them around, we are totally screwed.

Gary came and rescued Banksy and she got to spend the day driving around with him in the truck and then laying in front of a fan at home with Ruby. So, ok. We have a lot to work on.

Cop dogs! That was exciting.

These were our local Santa Cruz police doing a Get the Bad Guy demonstration. This was a serious bad ass dog. He did not care about the sheep, nor did any of my friends' border collies. This dog had amazing focus and drive. I would like Banksy to have this much focus. She may already have this much drive. OK, maybe a little less. But so that she can do the agility near the sheep. Not want to eat them.

That bad ass dog totally took this guy out. He was wearing a muzzle because the Bad Guy wasn't wearing a suit.

Please please please please please. Let us never, ever, ever have an agility trial with sheep next to the ring. Please please please please please.

Always something to work on, that's for sure.

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CJ in Canada said...

My Aussie is 6, and there's no way she would've kept it together with sheep (aka squirrels one is allowed to chase) in the next ring either. 1 herding instinct test = 1 Aussie who loved it so much she screamed like a banshee watching the next dog go 'cos her brains fell out (she found them in the car, crated a ways away...way away).