10 September 2015

Do not trip do not trip do not trip.

Ha! Here's the first round of steeplechase at the Regional. The whole thing was, do not go in the wrong tunnel. There were A LOT of wrong tunnels. Only so much you can do. I decided to risk breaking my neck by running through the gauntlet of tunnel chains down the middle of the 2 tunnels. I didn't die the first time so I took a chance and tried it again. Success!

There's Gooey wearing his medal from the second round.

Someone broke into our house yesterday by taking apart a window. Presumably to get Gooey's medal collection. He has several now. Known guard dog, barker at all things all the time Otterpop, was with me at work. Somehow between Ruby, Gustavo and Banksy, the robber's robbery attempt was thwarted as nothing was taken. Who woulda thunk?

1 comment:

loganbill said...

Oh my, oh my goodness. Gustavo! You!
and no, don't have your house broken in to. Do not.
Love you