06 September 2015

Bay Team Regional, day 3, Steeplechase Day.

Gooey came in 3rd in Steeplechase. See that fan next to him in the photo? When I went to get him out of the car, it was making a weird noise and he was obsessed with the fact that IT WAS MAKING A WEIRD NOISE! Then we went to run and I had a feeling it was possibly going to be not the run of our dreams. Because he was still kind of on about THE WEIRD NOISE. He had decided the teeter, poles and chute were all poisoned early in the day in Masters Challenge and when Gooey is having that kind of day, it's an adventure.

So we had an adventure run. I'm totally used to this with Gustavo, so doesn't even phase me any more to be out there kind of doing our own thing. One of my friends said I looked panicked. This was probably true. When Gooey's running on his own personal paper thin ice, all bets are off what's going to happen. He held it together kind of sorta, we screamed and careened around and made it through with a couple of errors that put us in third place.

I ran Fable the Amazing Poodle and the Amazing Legendary Icon today. That was fun. They did good! They always do. Well, except Fable's first run when she thought I was kidnapping her and ran away back to Holly. Once she got over that, she was great!

Here's my friend Jen. She didn't win Steeplechase either. Every run she has, she runs her ass of and so does Tonic and sometimes, shit happens.

That happened to Rob, too. Rob ran 3 Tervs in SO MANY RUNS. Some of them were awesome, some of them have shit happen. Rob always runs his ass off. My god, the places Rob can get on course. Unbelievable. You win some, you lose some.

You know who else it happened to? Carlos and Kooza. I just want Carlos and Kooza to WIN one of these days. There was just this moment and then kapow. Carlos finished up in style, and, hell hell shit hell. He didn't win.

These 3 are some of the best teams out there, as well as some of my best agility pals. You should see them run. They're amazing. If I could be like .006% as good as them, I'd be pretty happy. But sometimes, shit happens and they don't win. I'm not sure why. They should. Just goes to show you, you can be that good, and SHIT STILL HAPPENS! But they just pick up and move on. Well, sometimes Jen curses. Then she moves on. We all still like agility. Another day tomorrow.

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