17 September 2015

Could it really be?

This little babiest of a thing, (shown here with her dear friend, Ancient Crinkly Water Bottle) is ready to run in a dog show?

We are getting ready.

Since I'm a wishy washy trainer, we now have running and stopped dogwalks. I'm not sure how that's going to go. First I was all running running running, who wouldn't want a running? So much fun! Then the reality of running with Banksy able to run about 100mph faster than my new speed of very slow started to set in on real courses. Scary. So I started training a stopped. This was fun for a while. Then I realized the reality of stopping. While useful, it's a little…boring.

No offense, dogwalk stoppers of the universe. Which also include me. Sort of like when you could go in the closet and get out the really good boots! And wear 3 dresses on top of each other and call it layers and a camo knit hat and swagger out the door to stroll around the block, or just put on sneakers and go. Right now, at this moment in time, theoretically, at the practice field, we have both.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. We'll see how this goes.

Don't even get me started on this. Why did I do this? Bad, bad, bad idea...it's just one little cookie, how could that go wrong?

For the dogshow, Banksy may not enter many classes with dogwalks is how I'll start out seeing how this goes. We're going to a small UKI in 2 weeks, then the weekend after that a few classes out in Turlock on a Saturday.

Measuring terror is still an issue. Apeshits are still an issue. Both are better, but works in progress.

Ready, set, off we go!


Anonymous said...

run and stop. it's the new pink. or maybe the new grey.

team small dog said...

You're right. I think this is a Thing. My friend Mary has been doing this her dogs for years but I figured she was a magical genie so that's how it worked. Turns out she just trained it!

Unknown said...

Good luck...that's exciting!!!

Unknown said...

Good luck...that's exciting!!!

Unknown said...

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