27 September 2015

Banksy's very first trial, the real deal.

Well, it was UKI and I did bring a toy in most of the runs and it was only a 1 ring trial. Does this still count? I loved rewarding her startlines, especially since several of them involved jumps staring right at straight tunnels. All startlines held!

There were perfect weave poles, there were perfect teeters, there were awesome aframes. The jumps were 16"! Banksy is a teensy pocket collie. There was only 1 dogwalk in her 4 runs, which I stopped and in hindsight should have run it and tunnel waiting there as an off course be damned because she did a creeper on her down ramp. This is a thing I would like to erase this month, her new habit of getting creepy when she does her stop, the very thing I most never, ever wanted on a stopped dogwalk and now we got it.

Like stomach fat. The last thing you ever, ever want attached to your person. And then all of a sudden it's there.

Hopefully we can become a successful both running and stopped dogwalk team. Both! Options! But I want that creepiness to go away when she stops.

Some off course tunnels. All but one caused by crappy handling. One caused by Banksy! So this is a thing, it's a thing we already have, she is fast and I am slow and these happen. Story of my life.

There were little airplanes flying overhead every so often, there's a little airport down the road. No airplane chasing, not even a hint. No apeshits. I did try to go last in my jump height, but she did great dealing with being near the agility and not throwing fits. I was impressed.

And relieved.

Hooray for Banksy. I was so glad we could do this with the toy in hand, because next Saturday we're going to a far more busy and crowded 2 ring USDAA trial. Next to a train. Yes. A train.

I think Banksy is ready. I think I am too. I hope we are. I think we have agility!


Anonymous said...

our first dw at a trial, we had a new, never before seen and unwanted behavior of stopping with all 4 feet on the ramp. robot fixed it. stop and go, stop or go.....
our trial next weekend has a train, too. loud. dogs can't hear you loud. if you hear it coming before your run starts, you can wait till it's gone. if it comes in the middle of your run, deal with it. those are the rules here.

team small dog said...

Same train rules at Turlock. Ruby could never run there because of the train. Otterpop could give a shit, who cares stupid train. Gustavo was ok with the train but there were dead people for years at the end of the rings in the vet building there. They occasionally pop up their heads when he runs but haven't in a long time. I am hoping Banksy puts trains in the new category of planes which is no big deal during agility. All the starters and advanced have the train directly adjacent to the ring!

We have us some serious dogwalk work to do still...I am glad Della is a successful with her boths!

Anonymous said...

we have us some serious dogwalk work to do still, too. both or bust!