03 May 2015

Shit that happens at too early o'clock.

Does this happen to EVERYBODY when it's too early in the morning?


Tammy Moody said...

If I were an artist I would show you my early o'clock drawings. There would be one of Hi-Fi sticking his nose in my eye, one of Freddie dancing by the backdoor, one of super early jogging woman with her high ponytail, one of the sun creeping up the treeline and showing all of the morning cobwebs, one of bunnies running, coyotes staring, salamanders crawling, and one with dew on everything, including my shoes that were left outside over night. So really not too different than yours.

team small dog said...

I think coyotes bobcats deer are just gonna happen when it's early. Luckily the bobcat was just as startled by us as we were by him, i think the loud barking of the rock barkers was a tip off. Probably that woke up the homeless guy before the bobcat ran into his bushes.