16 October 2014

USDAA Cynosport World Games 2014-Day of Thursday.

Otterpop would like you to know this fact. The best thing of EVER. More than swimstick. More than riding the tractor. More than ANYTHING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF OTTERPOP is the lure coursing. If you are a dog you chase a damn little ratty ass fur thing on a string around a little course. I have never in the history of Otterpop seen her more out of her skull of insane nuttity than the lure coursing. She might not be able to walk after a couple more turns but I'm letting her go again anyways. Lure coursing causes her to yodel and leap and then she catches the ratty thing and does not want to let go. LURE COURSING LURE COURSING LURE COURSING LURE COURSING LURE COURSING LURE COURSING LURE COURSING.

But this is actually about Gustavo. He's running like a million bucks. I have made a handling error on every single run. That's how it goes. But he could not be running any better or faster or happier. I would say champion quality, even though we are far from being champions. Aside from each little error,  errory enough that they have cost us an E in Team Standard (oh that tunnely vortex bit under the dogwalk) and finishing the close on Team Snooker from my wide turn between 4 and 5, a million bucks. Two million bucks. He loves the crowds, he loves the fun, he prances into the ring with a big smile and takes off like Otterpop's damn little ratty ass fur thing over in the lure coursing and we just run. He has found his thing. Really big dog shows!

Ruby is staying home. There is too much of everything here for her. Banksy is in a CAGE. I take her out a lot but she is like a tiger in there. She can smell the agilities nearby and wants to GET THEM ALL. I would say her training excellence is not much excellent because so much border collies all the time with toys and running. We just go and tug and sort of run around with me hanging on to her leash for dear life and get not too close to the agilities. They are everywhere this week. She is the fluffiest border collie there. She keeps growing MORE HAIR. Just when I think she has the most hair possible she grows MORE HAIR. We are hard to miss, the hairy wild thing with crazy eyes, Do not judge. I am trying. Avert your eyes, say hola to Gustavo then come watch Otterpop do some LURE COURSING.

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