17 October 2014

USDAA Cynosport 2014 Day of Saturday-Don't freak out, even a little.

Thanks Ellen for the photo! Featuring us in the USDAA Nationals parking lot. My camera battery has died and I hope Banksy didn't eat the battery charger because I can't find it anywhere. If you see us tomorrow, please take a photo! So we have something commemorative of this week?

I'm not saying I freaked out, but let's say that Gustavo has been running great, and that I was so hoping to do really good in the Steeplechase Semi-Final round. This is his thing. And even if we didn't make the final cut, I just wanted us to DO REALLY GOOD. And he had such a speedy and spot on Team Gamblers run in the morning. But then also, how awesome, I am trying not to think, would it be for him to make the finals?

Oooh. Shiney. Pretty. Shiney. Thoughts. In the brain. Too much. Thinking.

That is so not how it works. Because those thoughts are like mental mangements for me and then Gustavo can tell there are crazy psychic waves lapping at the shore and then he acts weird and then I can tell he's acting weird and then, next thing you know, he turns and runs over to stare at a banner flapping in the breeze instead of turning into the poles. So this is not good and this is a large error and back in the poles he goes but you know. It's too late.

So pressure is off. The invisible mind pressure that I invented for us. Poor little guy. We have some more runs Saturday and Sunday, Masters Challenge and Team Jumpers, we go back to being all chill and just running and hopefully he doesn't have any freaky mental scars. As soon as that little incident was over, he popped a pole and that was like the champagne cork popping out of your ear and back he went to speedy, happy little guy.

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