26 October 2014

The forest of the biggest animals.

We saw the biggest, scariest coyote I've ever seen in my life the other night. I had no ideas coyotes come in size XXXL. This was one bad ass coyote and I freaked out and we had to backtrack all the way back through the forest with me yelling and throwing rocks for a while. There are no wolves or bears in our woods. So it had to be a coyote.

Or a werewolf. Just great. Whatever it is, we are staying out of that quadrant for a while. Big. Ass. Giant. Mean. Not moving. Coyote.

It was just up the meadow from where we saw the Big Ass Super Giant Deer, father of Bambi, a few weeks ago. Who was also of the mindset of nobody especially not dogs doesn't pass by me.

Something is up in those woods.

There's no photo because I still can't find my battery charger and I am not taking my phone into the woods. So there's Otterpop sitting in the corn instead. Just picture a big huge brown werewolf standing on 4 legs. This is what we saw. A coyote times 10. I am not going to stop talking about this for a while.

There's a lot of Giants going on around here. Hey. Did I tell you about the giant coyote we saw the other night that totally freaked me out?

It rained. Turns out border collies are closely related to pigs. Will get very interesting around here if we get rain this winter. Border collies are also scared of coyotes that look like that werewolf thing we saw the other night. Banksy just froze up and let me put a leash on her and drag her back into the woods.

Otterpop got to be in every picture. Which isn't really fair, especially since she has been on my shit list. Otterpop has been in a rotten mood lately. Otterpop would like the whole world to be a movie starring Otterpop with nobody else in it. Just OTTERPOP. Otterpop saw the big coyote first with me. She stayed quiet. Did I mention how BIG it was?

We all escaped. Gustavo started spinning in little circles til I got him clipped on a leash, he was super freaked out. Me yelling at it probably didn't help much. It sure wasn't scared of me. That thing was BIG. Maybe he was guarding a kill or something, don't know. He was huge and he wasn't budging and we went the other way and I hope we never run into him again.