20 September 2014

The rules of wetness for the dogs.

If you are a dog, you are supposed to do what the lady says, every time.

Even if you are at the pond.

Usually the lady is not saying, Oh, Just Go Run And Get Into the Pond Whenever You Feel Like it Because It's super Cool to Have Wet Insane dogs Running Amuck and Then You Totally Do Not need to Ever come back Just Float around In the Pond as Long as You Want and Run Around on the Beach then Run As Fast as you Can to the Field and Maybe Steal some Tennis balls And Run Around with them For a Long Time.

And also, do you know what they are looking at in that picture? The Pond! And there is staying.

And staying here. Because I have the magic listening object of magicness in my hand.

The magic tennis ball. The orange ball is Otterpop's.

Gustavo don't stay for no stinkin' balls! He is staying here while others are swimming. I am not sure why. Gustavo has his own rules that none of us totally follow.

Which is cool because then I only have to fit 2 balls in my pockets. Right now, the best ball game involves the field by the pond, 3 dogs and 2 balls. Works best if one of the balls is the orange kind. It's a little hard to explain the rules but it sure is working good for pond listening. Pretty much, I am the master of the balls and Gustavo just runs around. There are a lot of lie downs, sits and stays. With Gustavo just running around.

There is sometimes team work for bringing the ball back. Some days Otterpop is all, why bother swimming when you have a border collie?

So then Banksy is all, why bother bringing the ball up on the beach when you have an Otterpop? I just have to make sure that they are not inventing rules like this all the time. Because I think that's when the mutiny happens. An Otterpop and a border collie are potentially a little dangerous if they put their minds together. I keep a careful eye on those 2. And everybody has to lie down.


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Dogs are obviously wondering who lives in the pond. Gustavo likes to be alone. Romantic dog :)

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