14 September 2014

Rustle rustle thump.

This morning we were walking through the forest, and we all heard this noise:


Then it stopped.

This is a new noise. All the dogs kind of looked at me and I whispered, Close, Close and we picked up a trot. I am afraid to run because if I run Banksy RUNS and this is too fast on a hill.

We didn't stop for a pretty long time.

I don't know what makes that noise. I don't want to think about what makes that noise. We are just going to use Excellent Confidence that we don't hear that noise anymore when we're over on that hillside.


DogsRToys said...

Sounds of nature :)

Anonymous said...

A long time ago--1970 or so--we were hiking/camping outside of La Honda. One night we heard loud mechanical sounds. Figured it was space aliens doing something.