01 September 2014

Bay Team Western Regional of 2014.

Much walking. Much running. No. Not much running. Just Gustavo, no Grifter, Grifter ouch. No Grifter for the Regionals.

Walk walk walk walk walk. Drag the garbage up the hill. Put away the toilet paper. A lot of the dog show is doing stuff like this, all day long, for 4 days. My feet hurt.

Gustavo ran like a champ!

Gustavo, he really did run like a champ! We weren't perfect. The no perfect cost us an E in Biathalon fancy jumpers because, in the tunnel. A great run except for that part. The no perfect cost us a refusal at the teeter in the Grand Prix finals, no bye for the Nationals. Some sad making, but not really. Because he did the teeter and had a great run, just had to do a drive-by first, because sometimes that's what he does. The not perfect caused him to refusal the poles in Steeplechase Finals and say HOLA! to his pals sitting ringside, but then back into the poles and into 3rd place, so a Steeplechase bye for Nationals. But running so, so good. Just a flaw here and there, but at a dog show like this, one flaw is the difference of win. Not win is how it went for us.

I was really, really happy with how he ran! And me too. I was happy with how I handled, even though I made tiny errors, large enough to keep us off the podium of winners in everything but Steeplechase. 

But I noticed many of my friends, tiny errors too. It's what keeps us working hard. Many of my friends, excellent winning and byes! My agility friends, very good at what they do!

Banksy survived. She didn't like sitting in the xpen in the shady hobbit hole I built. Gustavo and Otterpop very much did enjoy this, and had a fan to blow a breeze on them all day long. Banksy thought this was totally stupid and liked laying upside down in her crate in the car and taking many walks. She got very much better at hanging out near agility, sort of! But did a lot of staring, too. So many particles that might, POOF, and blow.

I climbed in the xpen a couple of times and lay down on the cool grass, with the blowy silver walls. Me and Gustavo liked it best in there. Me and him could have stayed in there together for a long, long time. Nobody could find us there and this was an ok thing a few times. If you knew what my sneakers looked like, then maybe you would see them sticking out. But nobody did.

No photos. No time. Even at a dog show, I find my time stretched way too thin these days. At the dog show, it's not a day at work but it's still hard to find the time. Not work for 3 days in a row, but working long days anyways. I still pick dog show, though!

We're ready for the Nationals, though. How Gustavo is running is the best he ever has. He liked the light schedule of just a couple of important runs each day. This was easy for him to understand, to keep his mind there and always try his best. Even if he had to do a drive-by on the teeter. That's just him. He was trying his best. And that makes me very happy. Hooray for Gustavo!


team small dog said...

Yes it will be relaxing! Although the teeter drive by in Grand Prix meant no Bye and we have to go on Wednesday for the GP quarter finals! More days, more fun, hopefully!

Unknown said...

It was great to meet the human behind this wonderful blog! Enjoyed seeing you guys run, too.

Terry A said...

Wishing you a fabulous, low key, very much fun nationals this year. expecting time for at least a few photos, tho!